DAY 1 #blogg24

First day of #blogg24


This will be the first entry of the #blogg24 challenge that we are attending. We are an animation studio in Malmö, Sweden that produce stop-motion commercials, music videos and shorts. For the moment Sanne Hellberg is running the business, since her co-partner Rebecka Ryngfors is on materny leave until april. We are both educated in lighting, set-design, sound and production for theatre, and have animated together since 2008. Some films we have made are Snail in Space, FAT and a film for the green party in Malmö.


We love to listen to christmas music, to build tiny things and to come up with funny and crazy stories. 


So- what is this blog supposed to be about?


Our thought is that this could become a blog about the process of how to come up with an idea and how we do to create a short animated commercial. Let´s see how it works out… it is exciting- will the film be finished until christmas? There´s a lot going on with other jobs and meetings- lets hope that we manage to finish in time! :)


I will try to keep the blog as informative as I can, and I will discuss really specific and nerdy details. The blog will be written in english, as you can see, so that stop-motion nerds and geeks can follow us from all of the globe! 


Lets get started then!


Christmas track of the day:

Traditional – Staffan och Herodes (Staffan and Herod)


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