Day 7 and 8

Yet another meeting at Rebecka's place. We looked at the postit-ideas we generated last week and sorted out which of them that we thought could fit the project. It was a really good idea to separate the creative and selective phases: it was much easier for us to see today which ideas that were working.

We have written a text that is supposed to explain why the re-election is happening and we have now re-written it to fit smaller children. Our target group is supposed to be children in middleschool- about 9-12 years old. 

We are now in the phase of creating a script and after that a design concept. I will start looking at that tomorrow. 


I will write a more interesting blog post tomorrow and I admit: I cheated and prioritized my free time in the weekend. 


Today's Christmas track: Bing Crosby – Christmas In Killarney



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