How to come up with ideas for a film. Day 3

Sometimes a good way to start an idea process could be to formulate problems that needs answers, or find problems that are interesting to investigate. An advantage to start with a question or problem can be that it is automatically giving an answer to the whole purpose of the film. If one tends to start with the story, the intention or purpose with the film can sometimes be hard to find out. When you are seeking funds, they always want to know why your film is so much more important than all the other films that are after the same funds, so it is always good to be prepared with good arguments. 


In Claystation we have not always followed the advice to start with a problem when we generate ideas to our films. Instead, for idea generation we have tried various methods of devising- a method for creating art, theatre and performance projects, a method that we both find interesting and which could lead to unexpected results. (read more about devising here: Sometimes devising as a method to come up with film ideas has work out quite fine, but one has to really work through and analyse the story and message of the film to be able to explain the purpose of it. But - we also have quite a lot of ideas that has never made it very far because we realize that we can not explain to anyone why these stories are important. To use devising as a method has therefore proved to be not so time efficient for us. 


For devising we have tried to use story-telling cubes, to write down random words on pieces of paper and try to combine those to new stories. We have tried to just start writing- and se where it leads, and we have tried to bring objects from home and combine those to get ideas. The idea to the story in FAT, our first film came when we combined a polly-pocket doll with a pencil sharpener shaped as a nose which lead to the idea of a little people living inside our bodies...



There are lots and lots of other methods of idea generating methods on the web. Many of them apply fine to filmmaking, and many of them include post-its. Post-its are not our favorite, but during this filmprocess we will try to use some post-its-methods to come up with, and select an idea for the story.


Here are some links where you can read more about different methods to come up with ideas:




Today’s Christmas track: 

The Pogues – Fairytale Of New York - feat. Kirsty MacColl


See you tomorrow- when we start the filmprocess for real with a meeting at Rebecka’s place!



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