Idea, target audience, process, Day 5

Yesterday´s meeting at Rebecka’s resulted in a decision of what film we need to make. We investigated the purpose of the film and figured out what people we wanted to reach with our film, and what they were supposed to learn from it.


We have, during the autumn contacted several commercial and production companies for film and television to say ”Hello we exist” and show what we can do for them. Now we are searching for customers that could have a different need for animation: animation for information spreading. Good informative films are all about spreading knowledge. It is about turning facts into films, and do it in such a way that make people understand complicated concepts. In our opinion, good information film also has something extra, something funny or witty that makes people want to stay in front of the screen instead of clicking on something else. 


Since we haven’t made such a film yet, we have decided that this is what we need to do! To create an animation to show we have the skills to explain complicated matters in an effective way. We decided that we will make a film directed towards children, also just to prove that we can. For this film we want to take a complicated and rather boring subject and explain it in a funny and worthwhile way. We discussed several subjects and landed in the smoking hot subject of the Swedish re-election, ”nyval”.

We chose this topic as we ourselves think it is quite hard to understand how and why this has happened, and what will happen now. Most interviews and articles are having some sort of political agenda, and it is hard even for adults to really know what is happening. Since this subject is something that will dominate Swedish news media for some months to come, we almost come to think of this project as a democratic mission to make sure that all Swedish citizens - including the children- knows what is going on in their country.


Today’s christmas track: Lili & Susie – Danspotpurri med raketen




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