Script and change of idea

We had decided the idea and was about to start writing the script when it hit me that this subject is too big for me to handle in the time I have. Me and Rebecka discussed and have decided to use the same theme- politics for children, but just explain the simple expressions Majority and Minority. This is a much easier and shorter topic, and the largest challenge so far has been to find "a scene" that could fit.

I have now written a short script where a gang of "people" vote about what house which will be built in the towns empty spot-  and the majority of the people decide. 

The problem when writing a script is usually that one writes down feelings or things that "invisible" for the audience. The two things that are supposed to be in a script are : what you hear and what you see. Nothing else. No background info, no inner feelings, no smells or tastes. Since video only has two channels of communication: image and sound, this is all you have to play with.

The visual concept is not yet fully developed, will see if I have the time to continue that tomorrow. I have searched Pinterest to find images that inspire us for a concept- we are looking for house designs, stuff made of newspaper and cute "creatures": 


Today's Christmas track: Triad – Tänd Ett Ljus




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