Storyboard day 11

As the script is made, at least a first version of it, I have made a very quick storyboard. The storyboard is very sketchy and rough, but it will show the idea of the script. When the animatic is done, I will make a second storyboard, which will be much more detailed and "finished", and that will be the one I use as "script" when I will start to animate. 

Yesterday I made a very, very quick design process for this story, and have come up with a people that reminds a bit of children's drawings of humans. I will base the design of that of newspaper, and draw on top with water colours. I have not yet decided exactly what colours, but I have made tests and also made cut-out pieces of houses and people for the animatic that I will start to shoot. 

Things I think about when I draw a storyboard:

How can I show what is described in the script?

What action is most important?

A good mix of long shots / close ups.

Allowing the audience to see the "actors" reactions, not only what they see.

What is happening in the background? Is it possible to "tighten" the storytelling within the same image?



As an animator I also try to think about:

What animation is hard and time consuming? Is it neccesary to see the animation or is it possibe to tell the story without seeing the actual movement? Could somethings be explained by sound instead of animation?

How much movement/different characters do I need to see in the same picture to get the story? The less the better...

Where are the moments where I can add some FUNNY STUFF? How? 



As the first storyboard is just a base for the animatic, I will not put too much time in it in this project, but rather spend more time on the animatic, and the editing of the animatic. 


Ok. Enough for today. Tonight: Party att BoosHbg!

Chrismas song of the day: Troll – Jag såg mamma kyssa tomten




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