What is a good idea? Day 2

An excellent idea


"Everyone has stories to tell, that is certain. Even the smallest details could be interesting if just told in the right way."


For me, language is working a bit against creativity here. It is the small words ”right way” that are bothering me. The words are there to describe that there are better or worse ways to tell a story, but not only that- they are also implying that there is a ”right way” to tell a story. 


For me, there is no right way to tell a story- there are only different ways. It is easy to get the impression that there is a fundamental law that tell how ”good” differs from ”bad”, but the truth is that there isn´t. Personally, I think that a film can be good and bad in the same time. It depends on what the story is aiming to tell or achieve. What people does it want to reach? How many? And what reactions does it wish to create?




The classic picture of 'get an idea' is a lightbulb that starts to shine over that persons head. It gives a picture of an idea as something that just pops up from somewhere in one persons brain, and that the idea is "finished". I think that the lightbulb as a symbol for an idea is really bad, because it shows the image of the idea as an already finished product. The lightbulb is perfect in its fragility. If one starts to handle the idea/lightbulb to rough, it will shatter and break. 


No, this is not how reality works. I think of the creation of ideas more like the work of a blacksmith. A good idea is not perfect, it must be hammered, forged, hardened and sharpened like a sword. It can get more features from other craftsmen like engravings, leather handle, gems and so on. The idea must be tried and tolerate changes. If the sword is to heavy for the person that will swing it, it must be altered. An idea will not get better if it is never challenged! The most important thing when it comes to idea is to change the picture of an idea to a process instad of a product.


Today´s Christmas track: 

Busungarna – Tomten jag vill ha en riktig jul

Tomorrow: Tips on how to come up with new ideas: 



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